Julie Midtgaard

Julie Midtgaard

Clinical Professor

I hold a master's degree in psychology. I currently work as senior researcher at Mental Health Centre Glostrup, University of Copenhagen, and as clinical professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

Primary fields of research

I have been employed in health research since 2001 with special focus on development, mixed-methods evaluation and implementation of interventions that support health behavior change. Areas of special interest include rehabilitation, health promotion and tertiary prevention. My particular interests have been on issues related to change and adoption of exercise behavior, and emotional and social wellbeing in relation to the individual’s experience of their health status.


Health psychology, clinical research, qualitative health research, mental health nursing

Current research

Of current interest is development of mixed-methods pragmatic (effectiveness) trials supporting real world decision-making and implementation, and thus transcending evidence-practice gaps otherwise contributing to the failure of translation of research into practice and policy.


ID: 918047