Sten Madsbad

Sten Madsbad

Clinical Professor

Member of:

  • Internal Medicine: Endocrinology

1992 -   Physician at Dept.of Endocrinology, Hvidovre University Hospital, Copenhagen 2002 -  Professor of Medical Endocrinology, University of Copenhagen

Major Research interest 1983 doctor of Medical Science, University of Copenhagen: Prevalence and the metabolic consequences of residual B-cell function in type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes mellitus. The research has been focusing on diabetes and obesity. A major interest has been insulin secretion and development and evaluation of mathematical models for estimation of pre-hepatic insulin secretion in human subjects. Other topics have included hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance in the liver and muscles. During the latest years focus has been on the secretion and effect of incretin hormones in relation to normal physiology, type 2 diabetes and obesity, including the effect of gastric bypass on the diabetic state and obesity.

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