The eha research roadmap: normal hematopoiesis

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  • Thierry Jaffredo
  • Alessandra Balduini
  • Anna Bigas
  • Rosa Bernardi
  • Dominique Bonnet
  • Bruno Canque
  • Pierre Charbord
  • Anna Cumano
  • Ruud Delwel
  • Charles Durand
  • Willem Fibbe
  • Lesley Forrester
  • Lucia De Franceschi
  • Cedric Ghevaert
  • Bjørn Gjertsen
  • Berthold Gottgens
  • Thomas Graf
  • Olaf Heidenreich
  • Olivier Hermine
  • Douglas Higgs
  • Marina Kleanthous
  • Hannes Klump
  • Valerie Kouskoff
  • Daniela Krause
  • George Lacaud
  • Cristina Lo Celso
  • Joost H.A. Martens
  • Simón Méndez-Ferrer
  • Pablo Menendez
  • Robert Oostendorp
  • Sjaak Philipsen
  • Marc Raaijmakers
  • Catherine Robin
  • Henk Stunnenberg
  • Ivo Touw
  • William Vainchenker
  • Joan Lluis Vives Corrons
  • Laurent Yvernogeau
  • Jan Jacob Schuringa
In 2016, the European Hematology Association (EHA) published the EHA Roadmap for European Hematology Research1 aiming to highlight achievements in the diagnostics and treatment of blood disorders, and to better inform European policy makers and other stakeholders about the urgent clinical and scientific needs and priorities in the field of hematology. Each section was coordinated by 1–2 section editors who were leading international experts in the field. In the 5 years that have followed, advances in the field of hematology have been plentiful. As such, EHA is pleased to present an updated Research Roadmap, now including 11 sections, each of which will be published separately. The updated EHA Research Roadmap identifies the most urgent priorities in hematology research and clinical science, therefore supporting a more informed, focused, and ideally a more funded future for European hematology research. The 11 EHA Research Roadmap sections include Normal Hematopoiesis; Malignant Lymphoid Diseases; Malignant Myeloid Diseases; Anemias and Related Diseases; Platelet Disorders; Blood Coagulation and Hemostatic Disorders; Transfusion Medicine; Infections in Hematology; Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation; CAR-T and Other Cell-based Immune Therapies; and Gene Therapy.
Udgave nummer12
StatusUdgivet - 2021

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WF is a consultant for Glycostem Therapeutics and Starfish Innovations. LF is a consultant for Macomics and Resolution Therapeutics. BG received royalties of payments from Abbvie, Astella, Pfizer, Jazz Pharmaceuticals. OHe received grants from Celgene, BMS, AB science. DK received Research funding from Merck. PM received consultant fees from OneChain Immunotherapeutics. HS received grants from EU HCA|Organoids. KTM was supported by a clinical research fellowship and a center grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation (grant no. 100191, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology, DanStem; grant no. NNF17CC0027852, KTM, BP) and by grants from the Danish Council for Strategic Research (grant no. 133100153, KTM), the Danish Cancer Society (grant no. R72-A4572-13-S2, KTM), Børnecancerfonden (2016-0255). WV received patent with a license to Qiagen and research grant from INCYTE. All the other authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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